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Sufia explores fragmented identities, concepts of home, and connection to our planet through the constant quest for liberation, love, and healing. Their art is informed by and often filled with natural elements, soil, plants, and sunlight.

Art: Service

Plant Meditations

Sufia's most recent show was a series of paintings inspired by some of the medicinal plants they work with in herbal medicine. This series is an exploration into plant medicine that can be absorbed by the eyes, mind, and spirit. 

We know that everything around us is made up of energy. Along with many plant and nature lovers, Sufia knows that plants are sentient beings. Plants have unique energies, personalities, and medicines. In this series of paintings, Sufia offers visual representations of the conversations and meditations they have had with some of their favorite plant friends. 

Prints available at links below. Contact Sufia directly to purchase original paintings. 

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